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Masonry Repointing

Repointing is the process of removing old, soft, loose or deteriorated mortar and replacing with new joints. Removal of material from the joint cavity can be achieved by cutting or raking using utmost care not to destroy the edges of the surrounding masonry. Each masonry unit, whether brick, stone, block, pre-cast or architectural terra-cotta, can be repointed to prevent moisture penetration, heat loss and damage to interior walls as it restores structural effectiveness.

Repointing can be done by either 100% of all vertical and horizontal joint replacement, or defective joints only as required. Keystone uses a specifically designed mortar mix for each individual job. The mortar can be colored, toned or mixed for a natural appearance. Mortar for Historical Restoration can be analyzed and matched to comply with historical specifications.

Repointing is a must for every masonry structure in order to enhance its longevity. Keystone's time-proven specialists in this field give one the assurance of dealing with a company based on four generations of know-how.