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Masonry Cleaning

Masonry Cleaning on concrete, stone and brick buildings and structures.

Exterior building cleaning is one area of extreme importance with regard to the process used. Reasons for cleaning masonry structures vary from simple cosmetic improvement to removal of dirt and micro-organisms to prevent structural deterioration.

Determining what the goal is and relating it to the nature of the contaminants and the building materials' properties, allows intelligent selection of an appropriate cleaning procedure. Knowledge in choosing the process and experience in performing it, is how Keystone achieves again the original appearance of the building.

Properly selected cleaning procedures remove corrosion and damaging film without marring or defacing the masonry surface. Restoring the surface to its original color and texture, not changing it, is the goal of our cleaning process. A comprehensive understanding of cleaning processes enable Keystone specialists to determine the most effective method available. Keystone has developed the present methods from years of experience, i.e. the Kesto-Clean Restoration Process with methods and formulas for each type of masonry surface.

Keystone follows environmentally sound practices in the use of cleaning products. We comply with all Environmental Protection Agency, local, and Federal Regulations. Our experts start with water pressure and detergent, resorting to chemicals when applicable or necessary. Proper cleaning will extend useful life while making the building more attractive and valuable.