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Caulking Replacement

Caulking compounds and sealants are used to seal cracks in buildings in order to seal the joints from water penetration that are a result of joint failure. Over time, building movement and the effects of weather will cause caulking and sealants to deteriorate and lose its bond within the joints. In addition to the loss of a moisture barrier, the building also loses thermal and noise insulation. Damage to the building's interior and loss of energy are inevitable.
The infiltration of water often leads to cracks that allow for building deterioration; insects as well may enter into the building interior.
Joints to monitor are window and door perimeters, metal to metal panels, glass to metal, building expansion and control joints, coping, cornice and flashing joints, and other building components.
Keystone Waterproofing has skilled caulking specialists who can properly remove the deteriorated joints. If necessary, they will install foam backer rods or bond-breaker tape into the exposed joints to prevent three-sided adhesion. Finally, after selecting the best sealant for the job (silicone, polyurethane, etc.), a caulking sealant is skillfully applied and tooled creating a water-tight seal. Our expertise in the selection and installation of caulking/joint sealants has contributed to our excellent reputation as masonry restoration experts.
Caulking Replacement